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Jan 08, 2008 at 02:21 PM

Customer Enhancement for Assigned Transportation Lane (APO Inbound)


I activated the "Customer Enhancement for Assigned Transportation Lane (APO Inbound)

(PUR_TRPROD_IN_EXIT) " by implementing the interface '/SAPAPO/IF_EX_PUR_TPSRC_IN' using definition '/SAPAPO/PWB_TPSRC_IN' via SPRO. The deleted Product assigned to the TLane reappears , but the Procurement Priority is NOT being changed to the expected value when I run the CIF model again. It is so difficult to debug code on APO side, thus I can only presume that the custom logic in the implemented method is not getting invoked at all. The implementation as well as the method are both active.

I was able to get into the custom code in the implemented method by testing the class '/SAPAPO/CL_EX_PWB_TPSRC_IN' using SE24, so I know it works if the method is invoked. If I can not figure out quickly, I have to fall back on a less-preferred method of scheduling a Batch Job to update the T Lanes nightly , but I would rather have CIF perform this task automatically by activating the BADI.

It would be a great help if someone can tell me what else needs to be done and if I am missing a step. I did attempt to debug on APO side by executing the function module /SAPAPO/CIF_PROD_INBOUND but to no avail.