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Jan 08, 2008 at 01:53 PM

Re: SAP TUBS (Please very urgent)



I have couple questions regarding BSI regulatory bulletins and SAP TUBs.

I have just joined this company, where in we just successfully upgraded from BSI TF7.0 to 8.0. While doing that, it came to my notice that they have been applying every BSI bulletin released throughout 2007, but have not applied even a single SAP TUB since going live on 01/01/2007. There were no Support packages applied during that period either.

So to summarize, all BSI regulatory bulletins were applied, but SAP TUBs haven't been applied at all for all year. Now my question is, What would be the impact? I understand that not every TUB released need to have impact on our system. It depends only if you have ee's in that state/county where taxtypes were changed or updated.

But how do we test, i mean we are talking a whole year here. One way to do it would be go through each BSI regulatory bulletin, check for employees in that state/county/... wherever the tax was changed and run simulation for that ee for the the pay period with effective change date. But this seems like a very tedious process. Can you think of any other means to check this?

My understanding is, when we apply BSI bulletins, it updates BSI TF database tables and SAP TUBs update SAP tables. Correct me if i am wrong. So by not updated SAP TUBs we never updated those tables, which means if we have employees in those tax areas, then their taxes were either calculated wrong or were never calculated (if say a new tax authority was introduced).

Can you suggest any way to check the impact of this? I would really appreciate any help.