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Jan 08, 2008 at 01:24 PM

validation for select-options



This is my select-options.(i am sending part of my code )

s_rzzps for zupi5t-rzzps_posid obligatory no intervals, "WBS Element

at selection-screen.

select from_period to_period from_acct

to_acct ryear rbukrs rzzps_posid

from zfirestate_log

into corresponding fields of table t_data

where ryear eq p_ryear

and rbukrs eq p_rbukrs.

loop at s_rzzps.

IF s_rzzps-low eq t_data-rzzps_posid.

move 'YES' to s_var5.


move 'NO' to s_var5.



what i am doing here is i am checking the entries which r given in the selection screen with the entries in the table zfirestate_log. it the entries r present in the table then i am rising an error message.

but with the above select -options it is defined as no intervals .

when i give multiple options its not checking with all the entries in the selec-options. its checking only the first entry in the header line of s_rzzps( since select options is a table)

with the table entreis.

But i need to check all the entries in s_rzzps .

please help me resolving this issue its required urgently.