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Jan 08, 2008 at 12:49 PM

How to block a resouce for maint activity from maint order


Dear Experts,

Can any one help me out in blocking a resource for carrying out a maintenance activity from the maintenance order.

I have followed the following steps.

1. Created a Maintenance plan in T Code IP42.

2. In task list details screen of the maintenance plan given not in operation.

3. Scheduled the Maintenance plan.

4. Relevant to finite scheduling is ticked in the Resource master T Code IR02.

5. Opened the Maintenance Order and released the order.

6. In the maintenance order the Maintenance Work center and the Work center in the sub screen of first operation of the Header data of the Order maintained the same one.

7. From the order I checked the availability of the resource, from the menu of the maintenance order, Order- Functions - Availability - Capacity.

8. A process order is already created on the same date for the same resource and released before creating the cycle.

9. I have mentioned the Resource in the work center of the Equipment master in Location Tab Page.

My requirement is:

1. While I try to release the maintenance order, which was generated from the maintenance plan after scheduling, should pop a message that, the resource is not available or at least at the time of availability checking of the resource as already one process order released for that resource on the same date.

2. If the Process order is not created and released, system should not allow the release of the process order, as we already released the Maintenance order on the same date.

That means system should not allow the release of the maintenance order incase there is one process order released for the same resource or vice versa.

Thanks and Regards,

B. Praveen