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Jan 08, 2008 at 11:53 AM

Move workbook item from one sheet to another


I wonder if anyone else has come across this one...

According to SAP Help it is possible to move workbook design items from one sheet to another (see

which says:

To move a design item, enter different values for the coordinate or both coordinates. To move an item to a different sheet, prefix the values with proper syntax to designate the sheet. To move an item from Sheet1 to Sheet2, for example, enter a value such as Sheet2!$E$5:$G$6.

However, every time I have tried I get program termination. Has anyone else managed to do this, or experienced the error (and even better, solved it!)?

Best regards,


PS. I'm still on the lookout for anyone who has completed a satisfactory upgrade of workbooks to version 7... please do get in touch if you have - it might just provide a light at the end of the tunnel!