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Jan 08, 2008 at 08:43 AM

How to preselect IWDCheckBoxGroup items programatically?


I am having trouble in preselecting IWDCheckBoxGroup items programatically..

I am using a IWDCheckBoxGroup to display following structure in context:

struct SSCRejectReason {

boolean itemSelected;

String reasonCode;

String reasonText;


There are 0..n number of records in that structure. The reasonText is bound to the "texts" property of my IWDCheckBoxGroup control. I am able to pass the information back and forth between my Web Dynpro -application and ERP (with normal parameter mapping in detecting which item the user checked in UI etc) just fine.

I need both get the input from the user and display it in the next phase. So far I haven't found a way to pre-select the IWDCheckBoxGroup values after I have populated my context with RFC/BAPI-execution.

After the RFC/BAPI-execution the display texts get populated beatufully as I assumed and if I loop my whole context structure through after the query I am able to see that the correct rows have itemSelected=True.

Since detecting which CheckBox was selected by user needed parameter mapping and two lines of code, how do I make the correct CheckBoxes pre-selected in doModifyView?