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Jan 08, 2008 at 08:38 AM

R3load ttaking too much time when table REPOSRC is loaded



I am installing the SAP ECC 6.0 SR2 on SUN Solaris 10 on DB2 V9.1. 17 jobs of the 19 have been completed in ABAP Import phase but it is taking too much time while doing this SAPSSEXC. It is running aroung 10 hours. There is no error is giving. So I have canceled the SAP Installation. After that I have started through manual OS command

/sapmnt/<SID>/exe/R3load -dbcodepage 4102 -i /<instdir>/SAPSSEXC.cmd -l /<instdir>/SAPSSEXC.log -stop_on_error -merge_bck

It is also running around 9 hours. I do not why it is happening and when it will be completed.

Can you help me what will check for doing this job fast or can help me how to resolve this issue?

I have checked these SAP notes 454368 and 455195

If i change any DB2 parameter, I have to restart the DB2 Database. What will I do? I can not understand what to do now.

Please help me ASAP.


Gautam Poddar