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Jan 08, 2008 at 07:24 AM

KM Navigation Iview < > not working



I´m developping a Bulletin Board with KM following this guide:

"How to Build a Bulletin Board Using

KM Features".

The general idea is:

Every user stores the bulletin board entries in a separate folder where only this user has write permissions.

This garantuees that users can only modify or delete their own postings. These “personal folders” are created

automatically by a filter. To make postings available in a common navigation structure, a taxonomy is created

where the postings from all personal folders are collected and sorted into offers/wanted and a category which

is chosen when the user fills in the XML form for posting creation.

For the Page where users can post their adds, I´ve created a userhome filter with these parameters:

prefix: documents/Metro/Otros/Anden de Ocio

Starpath: /Tablon Anuncios

URLs: Anuncios

Then I create the KM navigation Iview where users can post their adds, with the following Path to Initially Displayed Folder:

/alias/documents/Metro/Otros/Anden de Ocio/Tablon Anuncios/<>/Anuncios/

But when I acces that Iview I get the following error message:

Item not found

The item you are attempting to access is not available. Check that the name or link is correct. You might also check whether the associated repository is currently accessible.

I also get this error if the Path to Initially Displayed Folder is:

/alias/documents/Metro/Otros/Anden de Ocio/Tablon Anuncios/<>

And I ´ve manually created a folder with my

But I don´t get the error with this path:

/alias/documents/Metro/Otros/Anden de Ocio/Tablon Anuncios/

It seems that the KM Navigation Iview does not like the <> parameter.

Does anyone has any idea of what i´m doing wrong??

Thanks & Regards.