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Jan 08, 2008 at 05:30 AM

Regarding TR info??



I need to ask abt the TR.I had send a TR to QAS,which were having a Func GRP with 3 obj(FM),than I send a diff TR with the same Fucn GRP with 8 obj(FM),in QAS the Func GRP with all the FM(OBJ) were sucessfully transported.

But than I re-transpoted a TR of some other development,which alos contains the same Func GRP but with only 2 obj(FM).So when it was transpted to QAS,it had removed all the other FM of that GRP,due to which my all other devlopmnts stoped working?

Can one plz expain me the process behind it?I was quite surprised by this?My all latest FM got vanish,& now my Func GRP in QAS just contians the one old FM.

Plz explain me the logic behind this,I had the same Fucn GRP same transpoted in all TR.

what shd I do so solve this?

Even,one thing I noted that,in my 1 TR,which I retranspoted,contans 2 FM,in which 1 Fm is not there in the Func GRP with all the latest FM,one 1 is there?

even I beleive if to the same Fucn GRP when other new FM are made,they are just added to tht,with all the previous FM.

so I was also quite amazed by this?plz tell me ,what is the prob?