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Jan 07, 2008 at 08:25 PM

Restore Database to different Server Using Networker


I am trying to restore a database backed up from server A to server B. I am using Networker with PIPE backups. At first I could not get the restore software to recognize the backup due to date format error. So I removed the line 'NSR_SAVETIMEFORMAT "yyyy/mm/dd HH:MM:SS AM"" FROM THE ENV FILE. Now the gui recognizes the backup and tries to start it. However it fails with the error:

The line 'MAXDB:SLD 0 3 01/07/08 09:54:47 1622 MB 1199721287' is ignored, as it does not contain a backup ID at 'MB 1199721287'.

the output from the mminfo command is:

lin-test:/sdb/data/wrk/SLD # /usr/sbin/mminfo -a -s -c lvlcxsld -r "name(26),pssid,level(4),savetime(23),totalsize,nsavetime" -o t -N MAXDB:SLD

name prev ssid lvl date time total save time

MAXDB:SLD 0 3 01/07/08 09:54:47 1622 MB 1199721287