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Jan 07, 2008 at 05:32 PM

Reversed GR after Invoice Verification


Hello SAP Experts,

We have an issue regarding a goods receipt that was reversed after it was invoice verified. The quantity was for 137. However, after it was reversed, it shows the quantity as "0" in the purchase order history.

When we look at the material document, we see "Still to be delivered 137" and "Still to be invoiced 0".

We attempted to change the value of the PO item to 0.01, so that when wewould "receive" the item again, it would be a total value of 1.37, whichwill be a minimal amount we can just scrap out. However, when we tried to "receive" the PO item again, it takes the value of what was invoice verified which was 12,293.01.

My question is, how can we change the value of the PO item to 0.01, so that when we receive it via (movement 101) MIGO/MB01, it will be a totalvalue of 1.37?

Again, if the PO item had already been invoiced verified, and the GR was reversed accidentally afterwards, can we receive the PO item again, but with a new price instead? If so, how? We do not want to cancel the Invoice Receipt or reverse the invoice verification.

Thank you for your time!

Best regards,

Will C.