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Jan 07, 2008 at 02:59 PM

DTP Question: Delta and re-Initialization.



I have a question concerning the use of DTP.

I'm using a Delta DTP to load data from an DSO to a Cube.

This process is working fine.

But what if you have to delete the contents of the cube and you have to do a "re-initialization" again ?

Delta DTP is retrieving data from the change log of the DSO (PSA) and old PSA requests have been deleted in our system.

So when the Delta DTP runs, It only will retrieve the data which is still in the change log of the DSO and I will miss a lot of data in my cube.

So how do I do a "re-initialization" again from DSO to cube using DTP ?

Do I have to create a new DTP using Full update ? Running this DTP. Than delete the change log of the DSO and than using the Delta DTP again ?

Or is there an other way ?

Please advise.