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BW HCPR activiation: error message "Access using a 'ZERO' object reference is not possible"

Dear all,

im trying to activate an HCPR / Composite Provider but get an error message (BW 7.5 SP 8):

System failure: "Access using a 'ZERO' object reference is not possible." that results in dump.

ST22 shows the following header:


Run time error: CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL


Component: BW-BEX-OT

In text also refers to method ADD_CURRENCY_CONVERSION_VIEW. The conding Points to the following

-------------------------CODING DETAILS START ---------------------

LOOP AT o_ts_column ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<l_s_column>).
IF <l_s_column>-r_keyfigure IS BOUND.
READ TABLE o_ts_iobj_setting INTO DATA(l_s_iobj_setting) WITH TABLE KEY iobjnm = <l_
IF l_s_iobj_setting-shift_currency = rs_c_true.
READ TABLE l_ts_conversion INTO l_s_conversion WITH TABLE KEY currency_iobjnm = l_
IF sy-subrc <> 0.
ADD 1 TO l_cnt.
l_s_conversion-name = 'CONVERSION' && l_cnt.
l_s_conversion-currency_iobjnm = l_s_iobj_setting-currency_iobjnm.
READ TABLE o_ts_column INTO DATA(l_s_column) WITH TABLE KEY iobjnm = l_s_conversion

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>l_s_conversion-r_conversion = NEW cl_rsdd_cs_hana_unit_conv(
i_name = l_s_conversion-name

i_family = cl_rsdd_cs_hana_unit_conv=>n_cs_family-curre
i_method = cl_rsdd_cs_hana_unit_conv=>n_cs_method-erp
i_steps = cl_rsdd_cs_hana_unit_conv=>n_cs_steps-shift_
i_schema = l_schema
i_source_unit_attribute = l_s_column-r_viewattr->get_name_for_index( )
i_target_unit_attribute = l_s_column-r_viewattr->get_name_for_index( )
l_r_aggr->add_hana_unit_conv( l_s_conversion-r_conversion ).
INSERT l_s_conversion INTO TABLE l_ts_conversion.

-------------------------CODING END -----------------------

The known forum entries with 'ZERO' reference don't apply, unfortuantely.

Has anyone encountered the same or similar issue? Thanks for your help in advance.

Kind regards


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1 Answer

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    Nov 01, 2017 at 02:49 PM


    just found the answer: I started assuming it was some weird unexplained and unclear message. Indeed, even the message details are not that helpful.

    With help from some other developers we found that most probably the HCPR wasn't correctly designed as too many associations pointed to the same InfoObjects. This appeared to be limited somehow.

    By reducing the complexity and just using the most essential elements in the beginning the Composite Provider finally started working correctly. Enhancing it step by step using different Info Objects for every item assigned I finally managed to get it running as intended.

    So the message is: Messages might be inexplicable but don't always originate in system errors - in my correct object design.

    Still I feel a bit unsattisfied with the hints but the issue is solved now.

    Kind regards


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