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Nov 01, 2017 at 11:41 AM

BW HCPR activiation: error message "Access using a 'ZERO' object reference is not possible"


Dear all,

im trying to activate an HCPR / Composite Provider but get an error message (BW 7.5 SP 8):

System failure: "Access using a 'ZERO' object reference is not possible." that results in dump.

ST22 shows the following header:


Run time error: CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL


Component: BW-BEX-OT

In text also refers to method ADD_CURRENCY_CONVERSION_VIEW. The conding Points to the following

-------------------------CODING DETAILS START ---------------------

LOOP AT o_ts_column ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<l_s_column>).
IF <l_s_column>-r_keyfigure IS BOUND.
READ TABLE o_ts_iobj_setting INTO DATA(l_s_iobj_setting) WITH TABLE KEY iobjnm = <l_
IF l_s_iobj_setting-shift_currency = rs_c_true.
READ TABLE l_ts_conversion INTO l_s_conversion WITH TABLE KEY currency_iobjnm = l_
IF sy-subrc <> 0.
ADD 1 TO l_cnt.
l_s_conversion-name = 'CONVERSION' && l_cnt.
l_s_conversion-currency_iobjnm = l_s_iobj_setting-currency_iobjnm.
READ TABLE o_ts_column INTO DATA(l_s_column) WITH TABLE KEY iobjnm = l_s_conversion

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>l_s_conversion-r_conversion = NEW cl_rsdd_cs_hana_unit_conv(
i_name = l_s_conversion-name

i_family = cl_rsdd_cs_hana_unit_conv=>n_cs_family-curre
i_method = cl_rsdd_cs_hana_unit_conv=>n_cs_method-erp
i_steps = cl_rsdd_cs_hana_unit_conv=>n_cs_steps-shift_
i_schema = l_schema
i_source_unit_attribute = l_s_column-r_viewattr->get_name_for_index( )
i_target_unit_attribute = l_s_column-r_viewattr->get_name_for_index( )
l_r_aggr->add_hana_unit_conv( l_s_conversion-r_conversion ).
INSERT l_s_conversion INTO TABLE l_ts_conversion.

-------------------------CODING END -----------------------

The known forum entries with 'ZERO' reference don't apply, unfortuantely.

Has anyone encountered the same or similar issue? Thanks for your help in advance.

Kind regards