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Jan 07, 2008 at 11:31 AM

How to disable a particular Rule Id in SAP Virsa CC Tool - Version 4.0


Dear All,

We are doing configuration of the CC Tool 4.0 for our company and we are facing the following problem

We need to disable some standard rules in SAP Virsa CC tool that were not applicable for our company. In this situation, we understood that the tcodes should be first disabled in the respective functions, update the rules and then the corresponding rules gets disabled

Ex : In Rule No.F001001 - Tcode FS00 is conflicting with F-02 The corresponding risk id is F001. The functions that are conflicting under this risk id are GL02 & GL01. Function ID GL01 contains the tcode -F-02. So, we need to disable F-02 in the function id GL01

If above is the situation, we have a concern that if we disable the t-code F-02 in GL01,all the conflicting rules with F-02 in that particular Risk ID also gets disabled. However, we need to disable only particular rule id F0010001 and not all the other rule ids relating to F-02

Ex: If GL02 is having FS02 tcode which is conflicting with F-02 under a separate rule id then that rule also gets disabled.

We would like to request whether our understanding is correct. If it is the case, is there any way to disable particular rule id i.e F001001. Because SAP Virsa does not allow either to create/disable a rule directly, it is only through editing the functions & risks,rules gets updated automatically.

Anybody's help in this regard is high appreciable.

Thanks and Best Regards,