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Former Member
Jan 07, 2008 at 11:07 AM

BI authorization for referencing characteristic / attribute


Hi All,

I am trying to restrict the BI reports based on company code. 0COMP_CODE is set as authorization relevant. When the report uses the characteristic 0COMP_CODE, the authorization variable works fine in filling with the authorized values.

There are some reports that have characteristic referring to 0COMP_CODE and seen in the report as ZSS_EMPLY__0COMP_CODE. The same authorization variable when assigned to

ZSS_EMPLY__0COMP_CODE does not work and I am able to see data for all company codes. I also a created a auth variable for ZSS_EMPLY__0COMP_CODE and still I am able to data for all company codes.

Since ZSS_EMPLY__0COMP_CODE is by itself not a physical characteristic and is referencing to the navigation attribute 0COMP_CODE in ZSS_EMPLY, we cannot set it as authorization relevant.

Can someone please guide me how a situation like this can be handled.

Thanks in Advance,