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Jan 07, 2008 at 09:46 AM

Splitter Control: How to set it to full window size


Hello All,

I have created a Custom Container. Then using splitter control, I have first split it into 2 rows (30:70 ratio). Then I have split the second row into 2 coulmns (30:70 ratio). Now my requirement is as follows:-

1) I want the container to cover the entire screen size but it is leaving some space on the right side. How shall I make it cover the entire window size. I know there is a method to get the window width.

2) I am not able to set the border of splitter. I can see a border on left and top of container but there is no border on right and bottom. I tried to use SET_BORDER method but still I am not able to get it.

Kindly help me out with the above 2 scenarios.

Points will be awarded to those who provide the solution 😊