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source list with quota arrangement

Nov 01, 2017 at 04:30 AM


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Dear all

I have maintained a source list with 2 vendors for external procurement. I've also maintain a quota arrangement for them, but when I use pk23 ( trigger signal for event driven kanban) I faced this error:

No valid replenishment source could be determined via the source list ( Msg no: PK068)

Both of vendors have same validity in the source list and when I change one of them to another date, the error resolved. But now the problem is that, there is no quota splitting anymore and all the qty goes to the first vendor ( the valid one).

here is some screen shots from my setting. please help.



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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Nov 04, 2017 at 10:27 PM

Make sure that the contract is valid for the PO creation date and not just for the delivery date, a contract that is not valid at the PO creation date is ignored as source.

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Dear Mr Jurgen

thank you for your reply, but the validity of contract and the source list are the same.

when I want to create a purchase requisition using ME51N, there is an indicator named source determination :

by checking this indicator, the system automatically select a vendor based on quota arrangement.

My problem occurs when triggering kanban signal. Why system couldn't designate a vendor in this situation?


Unfortunately I am unable to translate your Persian calendar into a date that would allow me to judge the situation.

But you already said that it works if you change the date, so change the date for both lines in the source list and you should have a workable solution, isn't it?


dear Jurgen

excuse me for not explaining about the calendar. the translation is as follow:

valid from: 1396/08/09 >> October 31, 2017

valid to: 1397/09/30 >> December 21, 2018

and about what you mentioned, I've said if I change the validity of one of the vendors ( i.e one of them become invalid and the other one remains valid), system determines a source. but I want a determination, based on quota, when both of sources are valid.

thank you again for your help.



and which of the dates did you change to have SAP find the single source?

The quota arrangement has also validity dates and you might need to change it too.

Right now it is uncertain whether the root cause for the issue is the validity period, or missing prerequisites to use quota arrangements at all.

Had you done quota arrangements before or is it the first time? You have to define its usage in the material master, see the steps given in


I changed the start date ( valid from) to a date in the future and that cause the invalidity of that source.

It is my first time using quota arrangement but I had read this article before and I've maintained all the prerequisites. As I've mentioned, it works when creating PRs ( just like what is described in the link you sent).

But I need this quota arrangement (and vendor determination) in kanban procedure ( by using transaction pk23). Maybe quota arrangement only works for PRs, not in generating schedule lines, POs or Inbounds in Kanban Procurement? correct me if I'm wrong.

best regards.



for Kanban and quota arrangments I found this OSS note

which has the sentence: "It is still not possible to consider the quota arrangement in the kanban with the determination of the source of supply."


thank you so much Mr Jurgen.

I will discover more on this topic and share if I fine something useful.

best regards