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Oct 31, 2017 at 11:50 AM

SAP HCI Sorting with multiple records


Hello HCI/PI Experts,

We are working on SuccessFactors Integration with C4C using HCI. We are able to successfully Integrate the systems and able to replicate employee data across the systems. Currently we have added a extension field’s (Legal Entity and Legal Entity Home) in “PersonalDetails” node in C4C which was mapped from /compoundemployee/person/employment_information/job_information node company and Custom_string17 from SF response. This is because currently Employee (humancapitalmanagementmasterd6) service in C4C only personal details node can be extended .

Issue : Since both Source (SF) node and receiver (C4C) nodes are different the data is not properly setting with direct mapping to these fields.

To overcome above issue we thought of below approach. Can you guide us how to achieve through mapping ?

1) Job information records in response of SuccessFactors query need to be sorted in HCI and only one record (Latest) should be sent to C4C.

2) Data of this latest Job Information record (Legal Entity and Legal Entity Home) need to be copied to all the personal details records(Instances) in C4C payload.


Rajesh N


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