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Fiori Element: LinkList Card binding OData not possible !! What a pity ?

Hello Gurus,

I wanted to create an Overviewpage with LinkList Card element. As I wanted to do it completely automatic (I mean connected to Odata Entityset), I try to do this in my Annotation file :

<Annotations Target="ZJBE_OVP_DEMO_SRV.LinkList">
  <Annotation Term="UI.Identification">
      <Record Type="UI.DataFieldForIntentBasedNavigation">
           Property="SemanticObject" Path="semanticObject"/>
           Property="Action" Path="action"/>

I found that, If I did it staticaly (with String property and not Path) it works... but it is static.

I debug the Card-dbg.controller.js to analyse what's going on. I was surprise that the code doesn't take in account the binding stuff :

So I ask UI5 developper to correct this or, tell me how I can acheive the binding with LinkList card?


issue-card.png (139.7 kB)
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  • Hi Joseph,

    We're you able to successfully use OData to pass the Semantic Object and Action?

    I am currently facing the same problem.



  • Joseph BERTHE Allan Jason Mercado


    Unfortunately it is not possible. SAP told me that it is not a feature available.

    Some days ago I found a blog (I don't have it now) to create a custom card. Maybe it is the workaround.




  • Hi Joseph,

    Too bad, I'll try creating a custom card as well or maybe just a simple list with URLs.

    Thanks a lot.



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