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can i clear GR/IR of bill of lading reference to PO in miro

Dears, When I first time use MIRO reference to PO to do invoice verification for delivery cost, if second time I reference to Bill of lading, the same delivery cost come out again, how to prevent it or any good idea to hold this for duplicate invoice verification? Thanks so much!

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2 Answers

  • Nov 04, 2017 at 10:18 AM

    What is the sense behind doing it like you described it?

    I always think that you guys are just testing some SAP functionality without imaging the business reality.

    In my business reality I get a paper invoice. When I post this paper invoice then I stamp it to make it visible that this invoice is already posted, I add the SAP document number, the date and my signature. So it is clearly visible on the invoice that it is already posted and I would never get the idea to post the same invoice again by using any other reference. Also if your vendor sends you for what ever reason a duplicate invoice, the second invoice would probably look like the first invoice, I would take the same reference from this document and not any other reference.

    And having activated the double invoice check in the vendor master would actually give me an error message if the invoice data matches with another already posted invoice.

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    • Can you post screenshots to understand the problem.

      What I currently understand is that you posted something wrong in MIRO,

      and you made it even worse because you did not cancel it and cleared the GR/IR instead.

      And in which situation would ever come somebody again across this old case to use it by mistake?

  • Nov 04, 2017 at 12:09 PM

    miro2.jpgThank you o Mach again

    No one posted wrong in MIRO .he posted wring in MIGO (he put wrong number in bill of lading field) see attach. p1,

    So we use MIRO with reference to PO to invoiced goods and delivery cost in one invoice see attach. miro1

    Until now it's OK GR/IR cleared see attach. miro2miro2.jpg

    But when i go to MIRO a gain and insert bill of lading sap appear delivery cost which was cleared in first invoice ready to invoicing it again see attch miro3miro3.jpg

    My question how to prevent second invoicing if it made by mistake.p1.jpgmiro1.jpg

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