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Jan 06, 2008 at 06:43 AM

Data Accessing Problems from the Tables while using Code Inspector.


HI Gurus,

I'm developing a Smart Form for SD Packing Slip.

In that my requirement is to get the Shipping Unit Header Data From the VEKP Table

For this i'm using the Link as


From the above condition i'm getting the VENUM from the VEPO Table.

Based on that VENUM i'm getting the Data From the VEKP by Equalling the VEPO-VENUM and VEKP-VENUM.

My Problem is when i run the Code Inspector, I'm getting the Following Error.

"Large Table: VEPO No Filed of a Table Index in where condition"

Is there any other way to access the Data from the VEKP table.

CAn i use Inner Join for those Three Tables to get the data (LIKP,VEPO & VEKP).

If i use Inner Join, What about the Performance?

Thanks in Advance.