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Jan 05, 2008 at 02:23 PM

SCC4 - Protection against SAP upgrade


Hello guys,

i have a question regarding to the "Protection against SAP upgrade" flag in SCC4 for the client settings.

I know that this flag will make a client unusable in case of an upgrade (for example from ERP2004 to ERP2005), but what is about applying support packages?

Is this flag also valid for support packages?

The documentation about this parameter does not make a statement to this point:

> If this flag is set, the client is no longer supplied with data during SAP upgrades. After an SAP upgrade, it is not possible to work actively in the client. The flag can only be set for a test client or an SAP reference client (Early Watch).

Does SAP understand "applying support packages" as an upgrade?

Answers will be rewarded.