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Jan 04, 2008 at 04:15 PM

Transformation Issue: HR - PA



I'm working on SAP HR-PA stuff.

In standard data flow, 0HR_PA_0 & 0HR_PA_1 datasources feeding data to 0PA_C01 Cube.

Our detailed reporting requirements demands me to insert a DSO in between. I created a DSO with same fields as cube, and copied all the routines in the update rules and loaded data and everything is working fine.

Now, I wanted to use BI 7.0 functionality, So, i selected update rules -> Additional functions -> Create Transformation. .

This will convert all 3.5 routines into BI 7.0 routines, I guess.

But, after the data loads, surprisingly these transformation populating wrong data into DSO.

Is this the right way to create transformation from update rules?