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Jan 04, 2008 at 04:03 PM

How Custom is Your HR BI? Do you use CIF?


We are just in the beginning stages of gap analysis of a new BI implementation for HR. As we are turning on extractors and queries from the Business Content we are noticing some pretty big gaps. I am wondering how custom your implementations are for those of you that have implemented HR BI out there.

When I was at the Analytics & Reporting Conference I attended some sessions that talked about how they implemented HR and many had done complete custom implementations. Is this typical?

At that conference I also heard a lot about the [Corporate Information Factory (CIF)|≀ight/cifmodelsmall.jpg] and EDW layering methodologies. Now I am reading up more on these methodologies in books about SAP BI. It seems to me that the Business Content does not conform to these models in anyway. Where is the ODS layer of data in its as-is form or the translation layer?

I personally would like very much to model our implementation in this way, but it seems that would require a complete custom implementation. I understand that most (if not all) of the HR Business Content is from the 3.x days or earlier. Maybe CIF was not being applied to BW, but in books on BI it is the first chapter.