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Jan 04, 2008 at 01:14 PM

Beginners Forum perhaps needed


Hi everybody

First a Happy New Year to everyone.

Recently there seems to be a huge tendency on these Forums for a large number of really basic questions such as I'm the Logistics manager but I don't know what MARA does, or "could you please post the code" for some very elementary problem that a beginning abapper on day one could have coded in 5 mins.

Most of these posters appear judging by their names to come from the Indian sub continent (or related countries).

We all have to learn somewhere but some of the questions are actually so basic you have to wonder if the posters have ever actually used a SAP system.

If these guys are genuinely working at customers sites I would suggest that the whole "Offshoring" exercise is going to be a total and unmitigated disaster.

Overseas Telephone call centres for example have provoked such an outrage in the UK that companies are now advertising the fact that they ONLY use UK call centres in spite of the higher cost.

I think the same thing will happen with a lot of I.T offshoring - the cost savings and efficiencies promised just don't appear in practice.

However to get back to the point I think a Real Beginners Forum perhaps could be a place where these really elementary questions could be posted without problems elswhere on other Forums.