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Jan 04, 2008 at 10:57 AM

How to Extend 3.x UDC datasource without generating a new one.


Version BI 7


Currently have a view sitting on source system which is being used to extract data into BW via UDC. All is fine.

Have since received a request to extend the datasource to include a new field in the source system. All sounds fairly simple so far.

Step 1 - Include new field in extraction view defined on source. Ok easy.

Step 2 - Extend the BW 3.5 Datasource for UDConnect. Here lies the problem.

If you follow the same procedure for creating a datasource

i.e. From within Transfer Rules -> Extra's -> Create BW DataSource with UD Connect and click the button 'Extract Source Object Elements'. BW picks up the new fields in the source view allowing you to map them to your existing datasource.

BUT it also increments the name of the datasource, therefore creating a new one. This also means a new set of transfer rules etc.

Question is this :-

How do you extend a BW 3.5 UDC datasource without generating a new one?

Bet they didnt cover this on the course!!