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Jan 04, 2008 at 08:53 AM



Hey there,

i have an issue which i try to solve for hours now. I have implemented the BADI Interface IF_EX_INVOICE_UPDATE in order to do some action when a invoice is saved in MIRO. I do that by using CHANGE_BEFORE_UPDATE.

So far so good. It all works well but within that i need to get the value of INVFO-NETDT (Due Date for Net Payment).

That value is read-only and calculated on runtime. Sadly its not part of the structured which are given in CHANGE_BEFORE_UPDATE.

I now tried to read that value by using the function DYNP_VALUES_READ but it doesnt work as he complains not to find the dyname (Exception INVALID_DYNPRONAME).

Here are the parameters i used on the call:

dyname = 'SAPLFDCB'

dynumb = 0020

request = 'A'

Could anybody tell me how i can get that value ?

any help is highly appreciated.

Best regards,