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Jan 04, 2008 at 07:03 AM

Can we use Cumulated values in further calculations in BEx


Hi All,

We are using BEx Query Designer to create a query having one formula variable “Stock on Hand” as a cumulated value (along the columns).

Now we need to use this cumulated value in another formula variable. Is this possible to do? If not could you please suggest an alternate for the same?

Stock on hand (for any given week) = (Total Receipts – Total Demand) + Stock on Hand (for previous week).

Inv. Carrying Cost (for any given week) = Stock on hand (cumulated values as above) * per unit inv. cost

Data for Total Receipts, Total Demand and Per unit Inv. Cost is present in the infocube at daily level. A sample report template has been given below:

Week W1 W2 W3

Total Demand 10 10 25

Total Receipts 20 0 15

Stock on Hand 10 0 -10

Per unit Inv. Cost 2 2 2

Inv. Carrying cost 20 0 -20