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Nov 01, 2017 at 07:05 AM

Unable to modify BO 4.2 on RHEL


Hello, Community.

I've installed 4.2SP4 with WACS on RHEL 7.3 machine.

Now I want to use Mobile BI application, and thus I need to install Tomcat.

But when I go ~/server/ , it shows me first page

I choose this installed product, and after installer loads - only black screen.

If push keyboard arrows many times - second prompt appears, but unable to navigate through menu up and down. Though if I push Enter - it swaps to next prompt.

There is definitely some bug with modify - I have tried three different SSH terminal clients, most popular encodings (KOI8, UTF-8, Win-1251) and different colour schemes.

Any ideas how to fix this and install Tomcat?