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Jan 03, 2008 at 06:28 PM

User exits to update a Zfield in AUFK table for T-code KO01(Order Creation)


Hi all,

I have a custom field(zZTEST) in aufk and coas struture(zztest) in order to display in the output generated by kok5 for order.

The reason for adding in coas struture is the ALV output in kok5 uses coas structure

I know aufk table gets an entry while creating an order in ko01.

When i save the order (i.e when i succesfully create an order) i have to pass a value to aufk-zztest so that the custom field in aufk for that internal order created has an value.

I was looking at the user exits available for ko01

i found 5 user exits for ko01

Exit Name---Description

COOPA002---Customer function for master data maint. - internal

COOPA003---User-Defined Fields in the Order Master

COOPA004---Customer function: Print order master data

COOPA_01---Customer check modules for internal orders

KKAZ0001---Customer check modules for internal orders

I have written the code break-point in all the includes associated with this USER EXITS.

Out of this only only 2 includes gets triggered when i click General data and investments tab .

I have the code in both of them and the aufk tables gets updated when i save an internal order and i can see the value in kok5 output as well.

To be frank this is what i want.

But my only worry is that when we create a new internal orders we don't have any data to be filled i.e mandatory fields in General data and INvestments tab.

i.e. user can create an internal order without even going to these tabs(General data and INvestments tab) in that case the custom field doesn't get updated and as a result of that i don't see that value in KOK5 ALV output.

Let me know what can be done or is there any other way that this can be achieved or the way i approached is right or wrong or am i am missing any user exits and the system is at 4.6c.