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XSLT Document function use in MII Transaction

Oct 31, 2017 at 11:19 AM


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Hello Experts,

I am working on a XSL transformation. This XSL transformation is combining 2 XML documents. The 1st document is the one on which the XSL transformation is being applied. The 2nd XML document is referenced using document () in XSL. In document function, I need to provide the path from where document is to be loaded.


<xsl:param name="replacements" select="document('TestExample.xml')"/>

This logic is working fine when I use native desktop editor.

Now I am trying to use the same logic in MII.

I have already tried to map Local/Transaction variable path.

<xsl:param name="replacements" select="document('Local.TestExample.xml')"/>

I also tried to give path of xml file from web folder.

<xsl:param name="replacements" select="document('web://<ProjectName>/InputXML.xml')"/>

<xsl:param name="replacements" select="document('https://<server>:<port>/XMII/CM/<ProjectName>/InputXML.xml')"/>

But both methods didn't work as expected.

Can someone help me how I can give a path to this document URL in MII transaction?



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christian libich Oct 31, 2017 at 06:36 PM

I would just use the link editor to append or build your documents before you apply the transform. With enough trial and error you may get the document() function working but I am not sure it's worth the effort here when you can just build/manipulate xml/xsl however you want within the transaction engine.


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Thanks Christian.

The approach works fine with few more modification. :)