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Jan 03, 2008 at 07:43 AM

Print barcode label


Dear all,

I wonder there is any standard SAP program or SAPscript for printing of barcode label for let say putaway received items into warehouse (WMS module).

2nd question about bar code label.

Assume that we are using RF for scanning the barcode label for putaway and picking of the items in warehouse. What will be the key information that printed on the barcode label? Is that TO number of SU number or may be HU number?

If we are using TO number on the barcode label, that could be a problem after putaway stock into the warehouse, because when we try to pick the items for removal, we cannot scan the barcode label. Because the TO number is for putaway and not for picking. So, does that mean that in many business operations under SAP envinronment, the SU number/ HU number is printed on the barcode label, and use that as key information to move in/out of the warehouse?

3rd question, where do you configure in the system for printint the barcode label, and also control what information to be printed.

4th question, what are the barcode types are used?