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Jan 02, 2008 at 05:03 PM

IP02 BDC select of proper maintenance item


I am writing a cleanout program that will delete a piece of equipment off of the system. I have several tcodes that I am doing via BDC. When it comes to IP02, I do not want to deactivate the entire maintenance plan if the item I am deleting is not the only item on the plan. I would like to delete the specific item only. However, IP02 does not allow selection of the line by item number, it is a visual selection.

Does anyone know of another t-code or a hidden way in IP02 to select a specific item number from the list. When I generate a BDC for a sample it forces me to select a line based upon a visual inspection. Has anyone automated this before? I know in SD you can select a sales order line by part or other field.