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Jan 02, 2008 at 03:23 PM

Errors in Maintenance Cycle and /TMWFLOW/CMSCONF



I am having the following errors in ChaRM configuration and I think these may be related:

Issue 1: At Transcation /TMWFLOW/MAINTINST when I try to create a maintenance cycle, it gives the following errors:

"Problems occurred during synchronization of the system landscape"

"No usable transport track for the maintenance project ZPR"

I notice that for the job "REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_SUPPORT" there is a log stating "User S000xxxxxx - "Maintain System Data" authorization not found for installation number 00xxxxxxxx"

Issue 2: At /TMWFLOW/CMSCONF I get to see ONLY the DEV system, and I do not see the QA system in the left pane under "Systems of Project". Both DEV and QA systems are in the projet when I see it at SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN.

Other details:

Project is created as maintenence project

Project IMG has been created in the development system

TMS has been set up with appropriate transport groups and system assignment to transport groups

Any help please?