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Custom fields in Material Master to Z table


Is there any way that I can add custom fields in the material master (MM01/MM02) without appending the MARA table ? Can we use ztable instead ?

in the PBO, we call the data from the ztable into the screen fields (ztable-zfield)

in the PAI, we save the data into the ztable from the screen fields.

i tried it but the system is generating the following error, during PBO:

"T_MAKT-" expected, not "ZTHM_MAT-"


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  • There is no solution as such. It seems I was wrong in believing that seperate tables are created.

    However, I still do not see why in your scenario you cannot use append structures anyway.

  • Maybe Muhammad should ask another question under the HANA database tag : "is there any drawback to add 12 * X fields to a table in a HANA database, as there is a large group of companies (12 companies) with different LOBs [explaining more about why you mind about the Large OBjects]"

  • "The reason for going for ztable is not to make the MARA table so much crowded with the customized fields of different businesses."

    What exactly is the problem with "crowding"? This reminds me of a popular Russian joke where a guy goes to a doctor and complains that one of his testicles hangs 2 mm lower than the other. When the doctor asks why is this a concern, the guy says: "well, it's just kind of not neat". Same here - is this so important to have a "neat" MARA? :)

    Anyways, we can always just weigh in pros and cons to arrive at a decision.

    Add fields to MARA. Cons: "crowding" (whatever this means); pros: very little custom ABAP, easy to add to the reports, simple SELECT, use all standard functionality that is available with MARA.

    Add Z table. Pros: MARA not "crowded". Cons: have to write your own code for all the updates, locking, etc. Will need to document and constantly remember it's part of material master. Can't use SE16 with MARA, would need a custom view. For archiving, extra work to include Z table. (This part goes on, this is just from the top of my head.)

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