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How to get data from tcode S_ALR_87013139

Nov 01, 2017 at 04:15 AM


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Hi all,

Can u give me one example.

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1 Answer

KK Lam Nov 01, 2017 at 05:18 AM

Hi Minh Hieu,

You need to configure the Summarization Hierarchies via KKR0. Then run KKRV and KKRC. After that run KKBC_HOE.

Now run S_ALR_87013139. You will see output.


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Hi KK Lam !

Tks you. Do you show example data detail by step.


Hi Minh Hieu,

1. To configure KKR0. Check this

2. Then run KKRV for the production plant, period and fiscal year

3. Run KKRC with the summarization hierarchy that created in step 1 for the same period and year in step 2.

4. Now you can run KKBC_HOE to analyse extraction. Of course, you can display the data with S_ALR_87013139 as well.


Hi KK Lam.

- I can not know about this CO bussines, you can not be used this ?

- Do you have photo example config ?

step-2.png (64.4 kB)

Hi Minh Hieu,

1. Data scope (object types) - tick the summarized checkbox and put the sequence no to the hierarchy

2. Data scope (Totals records tables) - if you want to see the detail of the record then tick not summarized checkbox, else leave it as it.

3. Hierarchy levels - Data display be hierarchy. Example level 1 = CO area, level 2 = plant, level 3 = production order, level 4 = material number. This hierarchy level can be analysed in KKBC_HOE.

Save it.