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Enter Sales Orders Without Report Impact


We sell building material supplies, and have some builders who order all their products at the start of the build. So we may get an order 12 months before the site supervisor requests delivery. The initial order may not have all the details on it, and the price may change. But it may sit there for up to 24 months before being requested for delivery, and some are never delivered, which we leave in the system for records.

We count such orders as a sale in the month which they were called up, not when they were ordered. But we need to be able to run a report showing all the ones that have not yet been requested for delivery. And their address (changed at document level not added as a BP address due to huge number) needs to be searchable.

Also note we do not use inventory

How should we enter these? There has been a few ideas:

  1. Add as a Quote, only issue is then we would get a huge amount of quotes in the system but they are really sales orders, not quotes
  2. Put in as "unapproved" and then approve them. But they show up as sales orders in the BP report, and all other reports I can't see a way to exclude them?

Thanks for your help

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    Oct 31, 2017 at 07:33 AM

    Hi Jim,

    Option 1 is the smartest way to go. Quotes exist for exactly this type of purpose. The fact that they are not Sales Orders is just semantics. If you use them as unconfirmed Sales Orders, then they are unconfirmed Sales Orders, that happened to have the word 'Quotation' on them.

    Like most other marketing documents, the Unconfirmed Sales Order (quotation) has three dates:

    1. The actual creation date (determined by the system).
    2. The date the document was entered into the system (determined by the system, but can be overridden by the user).
    3. The Document Due Date, i.e. the date the document should be fulfilled.

    You would use the Document Due Date to determine when the Unconfirmed Sales Order is requested to be delivered.

    Once the customer actually confirms the Sales Order, you use the 'copy to' button to turn the Unconfirmed Sales Order into a (confirmed) Sales Order.



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