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Oct 30, 2017 at 06:33 PM

Getting No service implementation available with Lumira 2.0 SP2 Patch 1on BOBJ 4.1 SP10 Patch 1



I did an upgrade of a 2 server install consisting of BOBJ 4.1 SP8 Patch 4, Analysis for Office 1.4.17, Design Studio 1.6.3 and Lumira 1.31.3 to BOBJ 4.1 SP10 Patch 1, Analysis for Office 1.4.17, Design Studio 1.6.5, Lumira 1.31.3, then upgrading DS and Lumira components to Lumira 2.0 SP2 Patch 1 directly.

We are using OLAP queries through BW and when trying to run either old Design Studio 1.6 reports in Lumira 2.0 or even creating new Lumira 2.0 Designer reports we receive the following errors:

Could not instantiate the data source. See default trace for log ID "c09305f8-3a73-48d9-b05a-519e079b09d1". Details: Cannot load query "cuid:Fg673lIA8ggAbTUAAECp6kQAAFBWrx65/ZMCS709Q

Cannot load query "cuid:Fg673lIA8ggAbTUAAECp6kQAAFBWrx65/ZMCS709Q_ADHOC_BOB_7_001" (data provider "DS_4": No service implementation available)

I see some similar questions on here, like: but this is on BOBJ 4.2 not 4.1.

And we can't upgrade to BOBJ 4.2 on these servers since analysis for office 1.4 is not supported, yes they need that version as they still have Office 2007 deployed company-wide which Analysis 2.x does not support.

The BOBJ 4.1 server is on RedHat 5.1. Lumira 2.0 is on Windows 2012. Design Studio used to be on the RedHat server, but is now under Lumira 2.0 in Windows (pre-installed Design Studio there before upgrading Lumira 1.31 there).

Someone had mentioned to me that I may want to uninstall Lumira 1.31 first before doing the 2.0 install, but if I do that then existing Lumira 1.31 documents don't be available in Promotion Management.

Has anyone run into this on the earlier versions of BOBJ, BW and the new Lumira?