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Calculation views or HANA CDS views

I have been noticing in several SAP blogs that, CDS views will replace HANA calculation views. In this context, let us say, I have 2 flavors of CDS, native HANA CDS and ABAP CDS. So if my Client does not have ABAP system at all, then Native HANA CDS is going to replace the calculation views? if that is true, what is benefit of having CDS views over calculation views?

My understanding is, the best use case for CDS is, to integrate with in ABAP layer, leveraging ERP security and provide rich semantics with annotations etc. so If I am not using ABAP CDS, am I going to achieve all the benefits with native HANA CDS?

Please share your ideas on this topic?


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  • You might want to read up on the different development concepts in the respective developer guides.

    CDS and HANA information models provide overlapping functionality but each also provides features, the other doesn't. E.g. information models really only model views, where CDS can define the whole data persistence.

    All that has nothing to do with ABAP (at least not directly).

  • Thank you Lars for the response, as always your answers very helpful and I got answer to my question already from your reply, But I am just making sure my understanding is correct,

    Actually, I read couple blogs from SAP, HANA Live VDM will be migrated to S4 HANA ABAP CDS views, going forward only CDS views, if I am having S4 HANA system, then Embedded analytics will be based on CDS models only considering that my entire data is from SAP ERP.

    What I was trying to understand, if my client is not having S4 HANA, I mean no ERP with ABAP component. HANA calculation views is going to stay as it is, am I correct? According to your answer, Native HANA CDS and Calculation views overlap with their features, persistency with CDS and Analytic models with Calculation views. So, please suggest that, there is no roadmap to build only native HANA CDS views instead of Calculation views right?

  • I am trying to clarify on the point that, When SAP is making all future enhancements to CDS views instead of HANA Calculation views(HANA Live) with S4 HANA , claiming the CDS views are the successor of Calculation views, then why would it be different for the Native HANA calculation views? I mean to say, even for non S4 Clients also, CDS views can become the successor objects right? SAP Experts, please share your opinion..


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2 Answers

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    Nov 10, 2017 at 03:19 AM

    For SAP products CDS is the strategic development direction, that's correct. If possible data models will be defined in CDS.

    That does not mean that calculation views will be "banned" or de-supported.

    For non-SAP-related developments on SAP HANA, the direction is XSA and HDI, which is also largely driven by CDS definitions.

    So, yes, if you want to take a decision on what to use for greenfield HANA development today, then CDS as the main DB artefact development language is the way to go.

    Concerning the HANA live VDM, I am not aware of any roadmap to "convert" it into CDS. From my point of view this really only came to play in side-car scenarios anyhow. And a side-car setup is explicitly not a strategic goal for customers nowadays. Instead, the idea is to get them onto S/4 and use the embedded analytics feature. That way, the whole replication and running a second system goes away.

    Finally, if you plan to develop completely independent of the HANA dev landscape, you can obviously use what you want.

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    • Looking at my previous answer I believe I covered the questions about CDS already.

      Concerning your client's project, I cannot and won't comment. Neither do I nearly know enough about the client, the landscape, the project constraints, the stakeholders, funding, goals, etc. nor do I believe that this is the kind of question that can reasonably be answered on a Q&A site.

      This is a major architecture decision that could have a profound impact on the success of the project. Weighing the pros and cons and deciding on this question is the job of the solution architect. This solution architect usually is accountable for such decisions, which is another reason to not defer it to Q&A sites.

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    Nov 10, 2017 at 01:53 PM


    If you like to learn more about the concept behind CDS you can read up on ORM (object relational mappers).

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