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Change PickStatus in pick list di api

Oct 30, 2017 at 12:16 PM


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Hi everybody, I need to manage some existing pick lists by code through DIAPI. I need to pick quantity or release quantity, so what I'm currently doing, as per instructions, is to set PickedQuantity of PickLists_Lines object = quantity I need to pick. This makes oPickListLines.ReleasedQuantity go to 0, and then oPickListLines.PickStatus to change to "Y", that means "picked".. The same happens automatically for the whole PickList (OPKL) object. My problem is that the oPickListLines.PickStatus doesn't change automatically when I do the "reverse" operation, in other words when I move quantity from picked to released: my expectation is the oPickListLines.PickStatus to change from "Y" to "R" or "P", but this doesn't happen.. Does anyone have any idea on what's happening? Is this a recognized bug or am I missing something on what I'm doing?

Thank you very much

Giulio Zattera

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1 Answer

DIEGO LOTHER Nov 02, 2017 at 03:28 PM

Hi Giulio,

I think that this can be a bug. By SAP Business One is possible to clear the pick list and the status came back to Released.

I found this blog, maybe can help you in the future, I followed the step to clean the picked itens, but status stay wrong as you mentioned.

Kind Regards,

Diego Lother

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