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Oct 30, 2017 at 09:15 AM

how to get the description for DEFREV_ACTION field in FKKINVBILL_I_DEFREV table in sap ecc


Hi Experts,

I have a requirement, where in I have to expose the DEFREV_ACTION _DESC but when I check In FKKINVBILL_I_DEFREV table I have the below fields .

but I want the DEFREV_ACTION _DESC field which is not available . can any one please explain me how to get the DEFREV_ACTION _DESC field??

FieldData elementChecktableDatatypeLengthDecimalsDEFREV_ASSKYAssignment KeyASSKY_KKCHARDEFREV_CTYPECost Type/Revenue TypeCTYPE_KKCHARDEFREV_ACTIONAction Code for DeferredRevenuesDEFREV_ACTION_KKCHAR


Sudarshan Mohan