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Vendor Subrange functionality in S/4 HANA 1610

1. We are trying to maintain vendor sub-range for Supplier with BP role FLVN01. The vendor sub-range has been maintained for a plant. A different vendor Ordering Address (OA) has been maintained for this sub-range. However, upon trying to save the record, the different vendor assigned as partner function OA is being overwritten by system to reflect main supplier VN. Is this standard system behaviour in S/4? Or does it need any config or code correction? Any OSS notes available on this issue?

2. Info record (PIR) has been maintained for a material and vendor for a given plant. Vendor sub-range with different Ordering Address has also been referenced in the info record. When a PO is created for the material-vendor combination, while at the item level the supplier sub-range shows up, the PO header is not reflecting OA maintained for the sub-range - it is instead showing main vendor VN. Is this standard behaviour? Any pertinent OSS notes?

3. Vendor master record created in which two vendor sub-ranges have been maintained for two plants respectively. Info record (PIR) has been maintained for a material-vendor combination for one plant. Supplier sub-range has also been provided in the info record. When a PO is created for the second plant, the supplier sub-range maintained for Plant 1 still shows up in the Material tab in PO Item details. How can we get the system to determine the supplier sub-range based on plant entered in the PO?

It'll be helpful if you could share any pertinent OSS notes on any of the issues mentioned above.

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  • Hi Sruthi

    Question, I configured the use of supplier subrange (Logistics - General > BP > Supplier > Control > Define Account Groups and Field Selection (Supplier), however when I try to create it, it is disabled, can you please indicate how did you were able to create the subranges.


  • Hi Christopher,

    I am not exactly sure why the Supplier Sub-range button is disabled. However, please check if the VSR Relevant and Plant Relevant check-boxes in Vendor:General Data are checked. In Purchasing view, enter the Purchasing Organization.

    Thank you.

  • Former Member

    Hi Sruthi,

    I am facing the exact same problem. Let me know in case you find a solution for this. I'll do the same once I get a resolution.

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    Nov 09, 2017 at 02:55 PM

    you might want to check how the system does after applying the note 2465902 - Vendor subrange specific partner functions are not saved while creating business partner in FLVN01 role

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    • Former Member

      Thanks Jurgen,

      Like I said I am able to save data. Infact I also see entry on WYT3 table for all supplier sub range but they all have same Ordering address.

      I downloaded the note and it says cannot be implemented, I believe I will have to open a call at SAP Support.

      Thanks once again!