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Vendor Subrange functionality in S/4 HANA 1610

Oct 27, 2017 at 12:23 PM


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1. We are trying to maintain vendor sub-range for Supplier with BP role FLVN01. The vendor sub-range has been maintained for a plant. A different vendor Ordering Address (OA) has been maintained for this sub-range. However, upon trying to save the record, the different vendor assigned as partner function OA is being overwritten by system to reflect main supplier VN. Is this standard system behaviour in S/4? Or does it need any config or code correction? Any OSS notes available on this issue?

2. Info record (PIR) has been maintained for a material and vendor for a given plant. Vendor sub-range with different Ordering Address has also been referenced in the info record. When a PO is created for the material-vendor combination, while at the item level the supplier sub-range shows up, the PO header is not reflecting OA maintained for the sub-range - it is instead showing main vendor VN. Is this standard behaviour? Any pertinent OSS notes?

3. Vendor master record created in which two vendor sub-ranges have been maintained for two plants respectively. Info record (PIR) has been maintained for a material-vendor combination for one plant. Supplier sub-range has also been provided in the info record. When a PO is created for the second plant, the supplier sub-range maintained for Plant 1 still shows up in the Material tab in PO Item details. How can we get the system to determine the supplier sub-range based on plant entered in the PO?

It'll be helpful if you could share any pertinent OSS notes on any of the issues mentioned above.

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Hi Sruthi

Question, I configured the use of supplier subrange (Logistics - General > BP > Supplier > Control > Define Account Groups and Field Selection (Supplier), however when I try to create it, it is disabled, can you please indicate how did you were able to create the subranges.



Hi Christopher,

I am not exactly sure why the Supplier Sub-range button is disabled. However, please check if the VSR Relevant and Plant Relevant check-boxes in Vendor:General Data are checked. In Purchasing view, enter the Purchasing Organization.

Thank you.


Hi Sruthi,

I am facing the exact same problem. Let me know in case you find a solution for this. I'll do the same once I get a resolution.

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Jürgen L
Nov 09, 2017 at 02:55 PM

you might want to check how the system does after applying the note 2465902 - Vendor subrange specific partner functions are not saved while creating business partner in FLVN01 role

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The note says that it will allow you to save data. I am able to save data but even in my case it's getting overwritten by main supplier VN. Please let me know if any solution has worked for anyone.


Confusing. Is it saved or not? If you save and come back and see that it is not there then it was probably not saved, or do you see a change log which shows that it is overwritten again?


It is saved but not with the ordering address number that I had put. Upon save it automatically gets replaced with main supplier VN. In short if I have multiple VSR, they all will show the same ordering address, since they got replaced upon save.


the note does not say anything else than "not saved = error --> apply note"

No explanations at all, neither elaborating on the symptom nor on the design.

From your comment I cannot know whether you implemented the note or not.

If you did and you still cannot do what you want then you might consider to open a call at SAP Support.


Thanks Jurgen,

Like I said I am able to save data. Infact I also see entry on WYT3 table for all supplier sub range but they all have same Ordering address.

I downloaded the note and it says cannot be implemented, I believe I will have to open a call at SAP Support.

Thanks once again!