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Dec 28, 2007 at 07:18 AM

Creating Data type twice?


Following certain conventions and standards i have to create the interface objects in different namesapce say "delivery_out" under software component a_sat,and mapping objects in different namespace say "delivery_map" and under different component "a_sapxi".Now when using BPM while creating integartion process i need to have the abstract interfaces under namesapce " delivery_map" but for taht i need to have the data type and msg type under same namespace.

so do i need to create the data type again under different namesapce "a_sapxi" as certain inbound and outbound interfaces are being used and created under "a_sat".

Can this problem of different components and different products be solved thru dependencies b/w the components???

and if the dependencies are creted will taht be effecting other interfaces because the mapping objetcs of other interfaces are created under component "a_sapxi"

I need solutions and suggestions.


Indu Khurana