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[BUG] Q&A - Inline search results no longer by tag.

Oct 27, 2017 at 08:08 AM


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Inline search results no longer filtered by tag. This had already been (partly) fixed, as Moshe Naveh can attest to. See the comments section of this idea.

What happened?

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1 Answer

Vadim Kalinin Oct 27, 2017 at 08:20 AM

Sorry, but to my mind the inline search was never filtered by tag...

P.S. And it looks logical with the current form to create a question: first user provide the question title and only after it the user will select tags.

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I tested it back then when Moshe claimed it was improved, and it really did work.

I agree with, and also raised your P.S. back then.


The form has to be changed! At least the first field has to be Primary tag selection.


Hello Johan,

I personally don't remember having tag filtering in the in-line search in AH. Can you please share where I mentioned that this was the case. I couldn't find that in the link to the idea you shared.

Thank you,



Hi Moshe Naveh,

Just take a look at the comments section. You'll need to scroll down a little, and on June 11th 2017 you'll find your comment:

"Hi Johan and Joachim, Did your experience improved recently? Some fixes were made. If you think the inline search is still irrelevant, can you please share additional examples? Thank you, Moshe"

I checked it out and my answer can be found on June the 13th:

"Hi Moshe, It indeed now works when you select a primary tag before you start writing the title of your question. However, due to the layout of the page, the primary tag is always chosen last. The inline search results are not dynamically changed after a primary tag is chosen. In conclusion, the technical principle has been proven, but because no one will ever know about it, the inline search is still useless. The only way to make inline search viable is to make the choice of primary tag the first element on the page, and make it mandatory, before a title can be entered. Alternatively perhaps the inline search could be activated only once a primary tag has been chosen. Regards, Johan"



P.S. by commenting on someone else's answer, I the author of the question did not get notified that you had posted a question. Case in point that we need to do away with this silly content type division (question , answer , comment), and that some extra effort could be put into developing the notification functionality


Johan Hakkesteegt

Thanks a lot for your feedback. It was probably a misunderstanding as tags never influenced the inline search.

I will share your feedback with our developers/UX team.

Thank you,