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Former Member
Dec 28, 2007 at 06:16 AM

plsssss help me.....



Pls solve this issue...

I'm getting output without using ALV ....

but if i use ALV im getting error...

pls correct the code...(alv part)

REPORT ZPAYABLES_AGING_TRAIL no standard page heading line-count 65(30) line-size 150.

type-pools : slis.

tables : payr, bsik, rfpdo.

data : begin of itab1 occurs 0, "payr table

znme1 like payr-znme1, "vendor name

end of itab1.

data : begin of itab2 occurs 0, "bsik table

lifnr like bsik-lifnr, "vendor number

bukrs like bsik-bukrs, "company code

ZUONR like bsik-zuonr, "assignment number

belnr like bsik-belnr, "account document number

blart like bsik-blart, "document type

budat like bsik-budat, "posting date in a document

bldat like bsik-bldat, "document date in document

bschl like bsik-bschl, "posting key

skfbt like bsik-skfbt, "cash discount

zfbdt like bsik-zfbdt, "base line date

dmbtr like bsik-dmbtr, "amount in local currency

wrbtr like bsik-wrbtr, "amount in document currency

waers like bsik-waers, "currency key

shkzg like bsik-shkzg, "debit/credit indicator

end of itab2.

data: begin of itab3 occurs 0, " bsik(rfpdo)

budat1 like bsik-budat, "open items at key date

end of itab3.

data: begin of itab4 occurs 0,

znme1 like itab1-znme1, "vendor name

lifnr like itab2-lifnr, "vendor number

bukrs like itab2-bukrs, "company code

budat1 like itab3-budat1, "open items at key date

ZUONR like itab2-zuonr, "assignment number

belnr like itab2-belnr, "account document number

blart like itab2-blart, "document type

budat like itab2-budat, "posting date in a document

bldat like itab2-bldat, "document date in document

bschl like itab2-bschl, "posting key

skfbt like itab2-skfbt, "cash discount

zfbdt like itab2-zfbdt, "base line date

dmbtr like itab2-dmbtr, "amount in local currency

wrbtr like itab2-wrbtr, "amount in document currency

waers like itab2-waers, "currency key

shkzg like itab2-shkzg, "debit/credit indicator

end of itab4.

DATA: it_fldcat TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv.

DATA: wa_fldcat TYPE slis_fieldcat_alv.

DATA : it_sort TYPE slis_t_sortinfo_alv.

DATA : wa_sort TYPE slis_sortinfo_alv.

DATA: it_events TYPE slis_t_event,

wa_events TYPE slis_alv_event.

select-options :

s_znme1 for payr-znme1,

s_lifnr for bsik-lifnr,

s_bukrs for bsik-bukrs.

select * from payr into corresponding fields of table itab4 for all entries in itab1

where znme1 = itab1-znme1 and znme1 in s_znme1.

*loop at itab1.

*write : / itab1-znme1.


select * from bsik into corresponding fields of table itab4 for all entries in itab2


lifnr = itab2-lifnr and

bukrs = itab2-bukrs and

ZUONR = itab2-zuonr and

belnr = itab2-belnr and

blart = itab2-blart and

budat = itab2-budat and

bldat = itab2-bldat and

bschl = itab2-bschl and

skfbt = itab2-skfbt and

zfbdt = itab2-zfbdt and

dmbtr = itab2-dmbtr and

wrbtr = itab2-wrbtr and

waers = itab2-waers and

shkzg = itab2-shkzg.

*lifnr in s_lifnr and bukrs in s_bukrs.

*loop at itab2.

  • write : / itab2-lifnr, itab2-bukrs, itab2-zuonr, itab2-belnr, itab2-blart, itab2-budat, itab2-bldat, itab2-bschl,itab2-skfbt,

  • itab2-zfbdt, itab2-dmbtr, itab2-wrbtr,itab2-waers,itab2-shkzg.

  • endloop.

*select * from bsik into corresponding fields of table itab4 for all entries in itab3

  • where bukrs = itab3-bukrs.

  • loop at itab4.

  • write : / itab4-znme1, itab4-lifnr, itab4-bukrs, itab4-zuonr, itab4-belnr, itab4-blart, itab4-budat,

  • itab4-bldat, itab4-bschl,itab4-skfbt,

  • itab4-zfbdt, itab4-dmbtr, itab4-wrbtr,itab4-waers,itab4-shkzg, itab4-bukrs.

  • endloop.

CALL FUNCTION 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY' "Displaying data in grid format


i_callback_program = sy-repid

it_fieldcat = it_fldcat "fieldcatalog

  • it_sort = it_sort[] "Sort

  • it_events = it_events


t_outtab = itab4 "internal table to output


program_error = 1


IF sy-subrc <> 0.

MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno

WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.


DEFINE bld_fcat. "Macro to create manual field catalog

wa_fldcat-col_pos = &1.

wa_fldcat-fieldname = &2.

wa_fldcat-outputlen = &3.

wa_fldcat-seltext_s = &4.

wa_fldcat-ddictxt = &5.

append wa_fldcat to it_fldcat.

clear wa_fldcat.


bld_fcat 1 'znme1' 35 'Name of the Vendor' 'L'.

bld_fcat 2 'lifnr' 10 'Vendor Number' 'L'.

bld_fcat 3 'bukrs' 4 'Comp Code' 'L'.

bld_fcat 4 'zuonr' 18 'Assignment Number' 'L'.

bld_fcat 5 'belnr' 10 'Account Document Number' 'L'.

bld_fcat 6 'blart' 2 'Document Type' 'L'.

bld_fcat 7 'budat' 8 'Posting date in the document' 'L'.

bld_fcat 8 'bldat' 8 'Document date in the document' 'L'.

bld_fcat 9 'dmbtr' 13 'Amt Local Curr' 'L'.

bld_fcat 10 'WRBTR' 13 'Amt Document Curr' 'L'.

bld_fcat 11 'WAERS' 5 'Curr Key' 'L'.

bld_fcat 12 'bschl' 2 'Posting Key' 'L'.

bld_fcat 13 'skfbt' 2 'Amount Eligible for Cash Discount in Document Currency' 'L'.

bld_fcat 14 'shkzg' 1 'Debit/Credit Indicator' 'L'.

bld_fcat 15 'zfbdt' 8 'Baseline Date for Due Date Calculation' 'L'.

bld_fcat 16 'bukrs' 4 'Open line item dates' 'L'.