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How can we determine release code of the determined approver?

Oct 27, 2017 at 04:30 AM


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Dear All,

I am facing a problem with workflow emails against account assigned documents.

Current requirement --

Find cost center and controlling area of the document based on its account assignment category. Then using this data, determine approver through HR org structure setup in the system and send workflow email notification to this id along with the release code against which this approval will be considered.

Problem faced --

We are able to determine approver and send email correctly, however we are unable to find that the determined approver should approve document against which release code.

Example to explain this --

We have 2 documents which have different linked cost centers and the release codes triggered in both of them are X1 and X2. Since cost centers are different, approvers are different and emails are going correctly. But if one approver is authorized for X1 and other approver is authorized for X2, how do I map this during email triggering?

If I have release code, I can find approver through but how to achieve this the other way round? We don't have any entries in T16FW, so cannot use that.

Any pointers will be very helpful.


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2 Answers

PRASOON AK Oct 27, 2017 at 05:32 AM


Please use the following BAPI, which can provide the release code details:






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Hello Prasoon,

Thanks for your response.

In this FM, I need to pass document number and it gives me release strategy and code details triggered in it.

However, my requirement is very different from this - as explained in detail in the question.




Sorry, if I didnt understand your question fully.

The release authorization is completely based on release groups and release codes along with other MM org structure authorization objects and email triggering has nothing to do with authorization as per my understanding.

If you are determining the approver from HR org structure and sending emails, the authorization for release codes also has to be set in the same way. Means, if release agent is determined as agent 1 from HR org structure for release code X1, the authorization for X1 has to be provided for agent 1. I dont think anything to be done at the time of email triggering.

In short, you can determine the release codes using the FM mentioned above and the approver from the HR org structure. Authorization be set up based on the release matrix for the release codes.

If my understanding about the query is still wrong, kindly explain or we will wait for expert opinion.



Anisha Jain Oct 27, 2017 at 04:50 AM
Jürgen L

- do you have any inputs on this problem please?

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I shared my view and the basic design background in the blog

and I totally agree to all what was already said by