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Dec 27, 2007 at 06:10 PM

Current Patches for Windows (32bit)


We have recently upgraded to Windows 32-bit Oracle Note 539921 lists the patchset for Windows 32-bit as follows:

NT_I386 32-bit

/Oracle/Oracle 32-Bit/Oracle 9.2.0. 32-Bit/Oracle 32-bit/


The patch set is installed with the runInstaller - see README.html

For more information about installing patch sets, see Note 578683.

*In addition, use opatch to install patch 12 for

/Oracle/Oracle 32-Bit/Oracle 9.2.0. 32-Bit/Oracle 32-bit/


So, after an upgrade to Windows 32-bit you should then immediately apply patch 12? The problem is reading note 1107601 - CPU Patches October 2007 (Oracle Critical Update Program)

states the following:

*The CPU patches are not a patch set, but rather a collection of patches. If

there is a critical problem, you may have to install a separate fix, which

conflicts with the CPU patch. In this case, you must uninstall the CPU


But there is nothing specific for (it implies there are no conflicts for

For Oracle, note the following:

Unfortunately, the CPU patches for Oracle conflict with patches

that have already been installed and that are important for an SAP system.

Therefore, there will be no further release of the patches for Oracle *We therefore recommend that you upgrade the database to Oracle and use the CPU patches for Oracle instead.*

So I'm assuming that after installing patchset for Windows 32-bit I should apply patch 12 (which is CPU October 2007). There are some patches listed under "Oracle Other" that seem to be generic patches listed under the download section for oracle Do these patches cause a conflict with patch 12? I haven't seen a note that says to install them.

I haven't found a note that says to install anything other than patchset and then patch 12. Is this right? I need to find out pretty quick so any help is appreciated!