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Dec 27, 2007 at 04:52 PM

How to reverse and reset documents cleared by FB1S


Hi all,

This is the scenario am into:

Payment program cleared an open item doc say 19xxx for the vendor and created a clearing document 20xxx and check ABCD was send to vendor. Later found check was to be voided and the document reversed. Instead of doing FCH8, the user did an FB50 entry for the G/L account and executed the FB1S for manually clearing the G/L account with a document 30xxx. Now trying to void the check, gets an error saying "Document 20xxx is not purely a clearing document." The diagnosis explains that 'Payment doc 20xxx also has clearing document 30xxx in addition to its own clearing document number. As a result, the document cannot be reversed after resetting the cleared item.' The procedure explains again that to reset doc 20xxx, the cleared item 30xxx has to be reset prior.' I tried executing FB08 for the doc 30xxx, but errored out saying " specific document not reversible".

I know its not an often situation. Has anyone comeacross something of this sort and voided the check?.

Thanks alot in advance for all the help, suggestions and comments.. Points will be awarded for the helpful.