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Multiple payment terms for customer

Oct 26, 2017 at 12:50 PM


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I've ready through many postings about multiple payment terms per customer, but no one could seem to explain the scenario where this is necessary. I have a scenario that I would like to run past the community to seek a best solution.

Customer has 3 payment terms based on a contractual agreement.
1. Payment Term 1 = to be used for order type "ZOR2" in all cases.
2. Payment Term 2 = to be used for order type "ZOR1" when delivery priority is 01.
3. Payment Term 3 = to be used for order type "ZOR1" when delivery priority is 03.

Note: The best business practice for delivery priority is that all lines would match.

My initial thought is to create a z-table that houses this above criteria, and then a user exit at order save that checks for 1, 2, or 3 above and sets the payment terms accordingly. Because all lines would have already been entered, I believe the user exit would have to set the header and all current lines to the same payment term. Also, because payment term is a credit-relevant change field, I would want to bypass this because it's not a true "change". Can anyone confirm that this solution sounds valid? Any risks or thoughts I should consider?

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Veselina Peykova
Oct 26, 2017 at 01:13 PM

You don't need exits for populating the payment term, you can achieve this with pricing.

Just set a statistical condition in your procedure where you keep the desired payment term (no manual modifications in the order for that condition of course), define your tables, create records and you are done ... :)

You will still need userexit_filed_modification to prevent users from editing payment terms in the document and you will need to bypass credit check for critical fields, though (as you already noted).

You will also need to tell users that if previously they could combine certain documents into a single invoice this may change.

If some of your orders are created in CRM or other systems you will need to made adjustments there as well.

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Thank you Veselina - I had considered the use of a statistical condition in my procedure, but I got stuck in how to assign a value. Would you consider providing me an example of what you are suggesting?


I am not sure that I understood where you got stuck.

My customer has in the master data ZC16 payment term.

I have a statistical condition type ZX02 placed it at the bottom of the procedure, for which I have a record with ZC00 payment term in VK12.

My table is for incoterms, but you get the idea.

When I crate an order, the condition is determined and overwrites the payment terms on item level.

As the condition is determined for all items in the document, they all get ZC00 instead of ZC16.

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That is perfect!! Thank you again - exactly what I need.